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Annual Enrollment Form

____ Yes, I(we) wish to be a member of RogueValleyMusic.com, the valley’s premier music directory and portal to local musicians and their activities. Enclosed is the one-year membership fee which will provide publicity and referrals through a featured listing on the website. Listing will outline musical offerings and background plus provide contact information and photo.

Name of individual or group: ______________________________________________
Contact person: _________________________________________________________
Email: ________________________ Address: ________________________________
Phone: ______________________________ Zip Code: _________________________

The categories to be featured under are:

___ Large performing group (e.g. orchestra, chorale)___ Composer/Arranger
___ Small performing group (e.g. duet, quartet)___ Instrument maker
___ Free-lance individual performer___ Sound healing
___ Director/Coach___ Venue (e.g. performance space)
___ Accompanist___ Arts management/booking agent
___ Concert series/event___ Technician (e.g. tuner, sound systems)
___ Camp/Festival___ Private teacher of _______________________
___ Music store___ Class/Workshop for _____________________
___ Other (describe)_______________________________________________________

New members: You will be contacted upon receipt of this form for the information needed to create your listing.

Renewing members: Please review your current online listing and indicate on the back of this form any desired changes.

Annual Fees: $40 for one category, plus $10 per additional category. New members additionally provide a one-time set-up fee of $10. Please make check payable to RogueValleyMusic and mail to:

c/o Patricia Potter, Website Director
535 Parkside Dr. Ashland, OR 97520

Please note: Enrollment and website changes are available at any time, just contact us.

Signature: __________________________________ Date: ______________________

Questions? Contact Patricia at (541) 488-6482 or info@RogueValleyMusic.com