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Glenn Freese, Luthier

Glenn Freese, Luthier
Note: Contact information for Glenn Freese, Luthier located below.

I am engaged in the Setup, Maintenance, Repair and Restoration of Stringed Musical Instruments. I have more than 25 years of professional experience working on fretted and bowed instruments including guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, violin-family instruments, harps, autoharps, dulcimers, ouds, bouzukis, and more.

During my time working for Cripple Creek Music in Ashland, 1990 — 2005, I was taught the fundamentals of instrument repair. Much of my duty centered around maintaining and repairing the Company’s rental instruments. I learned the processes used to keep instruments functioning using the most cost-effective methods. I also setup and maintained new instruments as they arrived from the manufacturers. Repairs to customers’ instruments focused on maintenance, adjustments, set-ups and light repairs.

Opening my own workshop allowed me to develop skills to delve deeper into the areas where instruments inevitably need correction, maintenance and repair; fret dressing and re-fretting, bridge resetting, neck angle adjustment and neck resetting, making high quality bone top nuts and bridge saddles, planing and resurfacing fingerboards, carving bridges for violins and making custom alterations. Repair procedures include repairing cracked bodies, repairing and resetting braces and cracked or broken necks, correcting intonation on fretted instruments, bow repair, re-hairing and many more.

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Contact Glenn Freese, Luthier at:

Phone: (541) 482-8984
Email: justapicker@charter.net

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