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Glenn Freese

Glenn Freese
Note: Contact information for Glenn Freese located below.

Glenn Freese has been performing on and teaching guitar, mandolin, and hammer dulcimer in the Rogue Valley since 1982. He is a former member of the band “Foxfire” with which he toured the Western States, East Coast and Europe, and he has performed with the “Siskiyou Summit” bluegrass band, a popular Southern Oregon Group since 1999.

In his studio, located in Talent, Glenn teaches folk style guitar and flat pick technique as well as mandolin and hammer dulcimer. His teaching schedule is flexible and every effort is made to accommodate the student. Children are accepted as students if a parent attends the lessons and is willing to play an active roll in the younger students’ progress. Glenn helps students to learn at their own pace and he encourages them to practice and perform on their instruments for the pleasure and enrichment that these experiences provide. He assists his students in developing the foundation to be able to play successfully in most popular styles.

Glenn began playing guitar at the age of twelve. He played in rock bands through high school and found his enduring interest in folk, bluegrass and acoustic music during his adult life. He is a skilled musical instrument technician with more that twenty years of professional experience and operates his own business, String Instrument Services.

Please visit Glenn on his facebook page by clicking here.

Contact Glenn Freese at:

Phone: (541) 482-8984
Email: justapicker@charter.net

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