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Siskiyou Piano Service

Siskiyou Piano Service
Note: Contact information for Siskiyou Piano Service located below.

Hi! My name is Louise Nicholson and I am a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with Siskiyou Piano Service. I travel throughout the Rogue Valley servicing a wide variety of pianos from spinets to concert grands. I now use state of the art electronic tuning but tuned aurally for over fifteen years. My services include tuning, repairs (including sticky keys), regulation of the moving parts of the action, voicing for better tone, humidity control and general cleanouts. I’ve retired from many years of rebuilding but can provide a local referral.

I have been a member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 1984 and I am a member of the Rogue Valley Chapter. My training includes a 1000 hour apprenticeship in the San Francisco area plus intensive study at Yamaha (the Little Red Schoolhouse and a Performance Piano Seminar) in Buena Park, California. I have also attended many national, regional and state PTG conventions.

I provide tuning and technical services for the Rogue Theater as well as churches, schools and hundreds of private homes. I also tuned for the Peter Britt Festival for over eight years. Through my business, Siskiyou Piano Service, I am pleased to provide the highest quality piano services at a variety of venues!

Contact Siskiyou Piano Service at:

Phone: (541) 846-6931
Email: slipsdream@aol.com

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