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If you are a person or group involved in the Rogue Valley music scene, you are invited to join RogueValleyMusic.com, our valley's premier music directory. The aim of our website is to increase the public awareness of local music activities by presenting a wealth of organized information and publicity. We provide an online clearinghouse for every local musical genre and serve as an active music referral network. We also provide an organized source for private teacher information and availability. Whether you are a teacher, a performer or performing group, a music store, a festival, a school music program, music camp, instrument maker, conductor, composer, arranger, radio station, recording studio or anything else in the music field, there is a place here for you.

Perhaps the best reason to join RogueValleyMusic.com is that you will receive the wonderful benefits of collaboration and support. All of us can use these. But if you are looking for more reasons, please consider that by joining you will have a personal listing in the category of your choice. Your listing, when clicked on, will supply interested viewers with information such as a short profile about your background and offerings, your phone number and e-mail, your photo, web-links, whether or not you currently have openings for students or members etc. You will also:

At low cost to you and virtually no investment of your time, RogueValleyMusic.com will provide our region with much greater awareness of your musical offerings. Please join us!

To access our enrollment form and fee structure, click here.

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