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Rogue World Ensemble

Rogue World Ensemble
Note: Contact information for Rogue World Ensemble located below.


The Rogue World Ensemble is an SATB choral ensemble that specializes in performing traditional world folk music. Drawing its eclectic repertoire from the rich musical traditions of Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, the British Isles, American Roots and beyond, RWE strives for an authentic portrayal of the distinctive harmonies, rhythms, vocal stylings, and above all, the spirit of each culture’s music.

Rogue World Ensemble’s dynamic performances take audiences on a journey through a diverse range of cultures and a full spectrum of human experiences. Traditional instrumentation, percussion and dances help to bring out the full flavor of the songs, which range from haunting a capella chants and soulful laments to rousing gospel numbers and freedom songs.

The Rogue World Ensemble performs two seasonal showcase concerts per year to often sold-out audiences in the Rogue Valley. The Ensemble’s biennial Village Concert, designed for families with small children, has become a popular Ashland tradition. RWE may also be seen at local events and regional festivals, or booked for private events. A selected ensemble may represent the group at smaller venues or on shorter notice.

Join the village. Visit our website to learn more about RWE, auditions for joining the choir, and other exciting world music info.

Contact Rogue World Ensemble at:

Phone: (541) 601-5310
Email: events@rogueworldmusic.org
Website: rogueworldmusic.org

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