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Mark Everson

Mark EversonMark Everson 2
Note: Contact information for Mark Everson located below.

Mark Everson, a music instructor and professional entertainer, is a recent transplant from Houston, Texas to the Rogue Valley area. Mark is offering private music lessons on guitar (acoustic, classical, flamenco, bass and pedal steel) as well as on banjo, fiddle, mandolin, ukulele, orchestral string instruments, piano and electric keyboards. He also gives lessons in music theory, music reading, ear training, and chord theory & application. Many genres are offered such as Country, Western, Western Swing, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Classical, Flamenco and Bluegrass.

Mark began his music studies at an early age concentrating on piano, violin, voice and later, Flamenco guitar at which he excels. His interests moved from Flamenco guitar to Bluegrass music where he learned to play all the standard Bluegrass instruments (fiddle, banjo, mandolin, double bass etc.) Eventually Mark's penchant for stringed instruments led him to the Pedal Steel Guitar at which point he started (and continues) to play Country music. Mark has toured the U.S. and Canada with his own and other bands and is a well seasoned musician and instructor. He often performs as a singer/multi instrumentalist and entertainer. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teaching and performance.

Contact Mark Everson at:

Phone: (713) 443-1382
Email: markeverson1@hotmail.com

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