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Rose Marie Mayer

Rose Marie Mayer
Note: Contact information for Rose Marie Mayer located below.

Rose Marie Mayer a.k.a. "The Singing Rose" is a vocal performance artist residing in Ashland, Oregon. Her specialties are dinner/dance, piano bar jazz, love songs, standards, and oldies using in-house band accompaniment or pre-recorded music. Rose Marie is able to create a venue based on who is in the audience, and her ability to perform extensively and professionally at a moment's notice makes her a unique and versatile performer. Some of her services include bi-lingual music and speaking (Spanish/English) and a vast variety of musical genres such as Jazz, Big Band, Oldies and Country. She often performs at Christmas shows, reunions, weddings, and other family-oriented events.

Rose Marie has extensive karaoke information available, including new songs and libraries, hardware and software. She also is very experienced in replication and voiceovers. Rose Marie's daughter, Linda Marie Greenburg, has years of experience researching the history of songs and sings with her mother in their group "Sweet Talk". Billed as "Southern Oregon's Only Singing DJs", they specialize in musical mood strategy, musicology, and precision singing.

Since 1992, Rose Marie has owned the business "Karaoke Doke Productions." It offers musical entertainment and consultant services to individuals and businesses with specific musical needs. Rose Marie has performed in a myriad of Southern Oregon and Reno, Nevada locations and is a familiar face to those who have been entertained at the Ashland Elks Lodge and the Wild Goose Café and Bar.

Professionalism and a love of music always shine through in the performances of Rose Marie Mayer.

Contact Rose Marie Mayer at:

Phone: (541) 227-6857
Email: linda22marie@yahoo.com

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