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Pat O'Scannell

Pat O'Scannell
Note: Contact information for Pat O'Scannell located below.

A professional musician since 1980, Pat O'Scannell has brought her uniquely passionate approach to the performance of Early Music to audiences throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe as a vocalist of extraordinary range, a multi-instrumentalist of remarkable virtuosity, and a musical director and arranger of great depth and imagination. Many will know her as a seasoned performer at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where she has been a musician and musical director for many seasons.

Ms. O'Scannell is widely acclaimed as a teacher of recorder, renaissance reeds, viola da gamba and voice, with an emphasis on early and traditional styles and practices. She has also taught many seminars about the evolution of renaissance music and instruments to audiences of all ages. In addition, O'Scannell teaches traditional Irish tin whistle, Irish flute, bodhrán, bones, and ballad singing. O'Scannell's uncanny ability as a singer to convey a message, her consummate improvisatory skill, her way of shaping an air so that the listener is taken through every emotion, and her virtuosity on the whistle in interpreting hornpipes, jigs and reels make her talents in this genre complete.

Ms. O'Scannell teaches people of all ages. She has served young children through state-sanctioned programs, and adults through Southern Oregon University where she has taught through the Shakespeare Studies, Elder Hostel, and Senior Ventures programs for many years. She has also taught in a variety of other schools, colleges, and educational programs throughout the Northwest. Currently Pat O'Scannell serves as the artistic director of Musica Matrix, a new non-profit organization that supports and umbrellas many Early Music groups.

Contact Pat O'Scannell at:

Phone: (541) 482-9757
Email: pato@opendoor.com
Website: 4pato.com

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