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Lavelle Foos

Lavelle Foos
Note: Contact information for Lavelle Foos located below.

I am Lavelle Foos, artist, teacher and musician. I’ve been playing the Native American Flute for twenty-five years.

This is an instrument of heart and nature. Through layers of time, within every tree, there lives a song. The tree shares this song with the wind and the music continues forever as a gift, through the hands of the flute-maker, the player of the flute and through the listener.

I help you find a place of quiet inside and breathe into the flute with simplicity and peace. You learn to hear yourself with tones and flow of joy and grace.

This is an easy instrument to play and I encourage you to play your own way and play your personal creations and improvisations. That can change moment to moment and day by day. Play outdoors with the trees, birds and water and they will respond with a leaf’s movement, a breeze and a trickle of water.

Your flute is a good traveling companion. I will help you get a flute if you do not have one.

I invite you to contact me to begin your journey with the Native American Flute. You can hear me playing the flute on my website.

Contact Lavelle Foos at:

Phone: (541) 488-1019
Email: lavelle@lavellefoos.com
Website: lavellefoos.com

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