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Jenifer Knippel

Jenifer Knippel
Note: Contact information for Jenifer Knippel located below.

Using fun and innovative approaches Jenifer, a.k.a. JenUwin, bridges the gap between audience and performer. Her vision is to promote playbased musical learning, to provide entertainment for people of all ages, to make live music performance accessible for the next generation and to inspire a life-long love of musical engagement.

Music Lessons — Saxophonic Spectacular Concerts — Musical Playtime — Saxophonic Quartet

A classical saxophonist with 30 years of experience performing, Jenifer delights in sparking a love of music amongst people of all ages. She has taught music in Ashland for 10 years, offering saxophone lessons for beginning to advanced students as well as lessons in the foundational aspects of music.

Jenifer offers the exciting music concert series “Saxophonic Spectacular”. Family-friendly and lots of fun,these concerts are geared towards creating positive musical experiences for children while providing welcoming spaces for experiential learning about how to be appreciative, attentive and engaged audience members. She comes packed with education and entertainment.

She is developing a music program entitled Musical Playtime for wobblers, toddlers, preschool and kindergarden to experience play through music using a variety of rainbow colored sound makers, basic patterns and their imaginations, of course.

Jenifer formed the Saxophonic Quartet in 2015, playing for outdoor festivals, summer markets, first fridays, corporate events, fundraisers, weddings and other special events. Playing music from baroque to rags, to classical transcriptions to original saxophone quartet music.

Jenifer is working along with these organizations: Britt Music & Arts Festival, Heart & Hope Music, Rogue World Music and Southern Oregon University Family Nurturing Center. Jenifer holds a Masters of Music in Intermedia Music Technology from University of Oregon and a Bachelors of Arts in Saxophone Performance and Music Composition from Southern Oregon University, plus a non-accredited certificate from a clown school in Denmark :D

Contact Jenifer Knippel at:

Phone: (541) 891-9964
Email: jenuwinplaytime@gmail.com
Website: jenuwinplaytime.com

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