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Concert Piano Services

Concert Piano Services
Note: Contact information for Concert Piano Services located below.

Concert Piano Services is an extension of the offerings at Piano Studios and Showcase. We have four qualified piano tuners. The owner of the store, Tom Lowell, is a Steinway factory trained piano technician and is certified by the Piano Technician’s Guild (PTG). The PTG certification exams are the gold standard in the industry. Ask Tom for details. Over the course of the years Tom and his staff that operate under Concert Piano Services have tuned, repaired, moved, stored, and sold pianos on consignment. Pianos have been rented for events and group programs as well.

We tune pianos for individuals as well as for concerts. Piano tuning usually starts at $120. Cost varies depending on the make, model and year of the piano and where the tuner has to travel (locally or out of state). You can call 541-772-1384 to set up a piano tuning appointment and to get a quote on the exact price for your piano. Combined, the expertise of all the piano tuners adds up to excellent service for the most eloquent sound a piano can make.

Sometimes a piano needs repair before it can be used, sold again, or even tuned. Our staff has all of the necessary expertise to accomplish this task to make a piano spiffed up and ready for sale and re-use again. We have accomplished some amazing restorations and have even installed digital piano player systems to existing pianos.

Pianos need tender loving care to retain their value and our services will help to retain their value and even upgrade their performance.

If you need a piano moved, call the number listed below. You may also visit the website especially for our movers: kndpianomoving.com. We will give you a quote over the phone and set up a moving date when you are ready to move the piano.

Call today for any piano needs or questions you may have. We will provide the answer or implement the solution.

Stay tuned!

Contact Concert Piano Services at:

Phone: (541) 772-1384
Email: lowellt@sou.edu
Website: concertpianoservices.com

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