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Bridget Wolf Krause

Bridget Wolf Krause
Note: Contact information for Bridget Wolf Krause located below.

Award-winning singer/songwriter Bridget Wolf Krause plays piano, keyboards and hand drums.  Her background in classical, folk, pop, soul and other genres influences her original songs and instrumental compositions.  Bridget performs inspiring originals and beloved standards of popular and sacred music at special events, concerts, churches, assisted living, retirement centers, etc. She improvises, leads sing-alongs and drumming circles, encourages participation and brings joy, fun and laughter to her performances. Bridget has done foreign language and music studies in Canada, Italy and the U.S.A. and holds a BA degree in music performance from Carleton College. She sings in French, Italian and German and her clear and rich voice compares to Julie Andrews, Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald and other greats.

Bridget also creates audio/visuals that are full of caring, transformative, and healing energy. They inspire, relax, soothe and uplift the listener. Trauma affects brain pathways and music improvisation assists in recovery from abuse.  Bridget’s music shifts brainwaves and can soothe nerves.  People with PTSD and ADHD say they feel better after listening to Bridget’s music.

A prolific composer/publisher member of ASCAP, Bridget created Inside Out Mystical Publishing to self-publish her music. You may visit the Music Listening Room at bridgetwolf.com to hear samples. Longer music samples may be heard at transformational-music.com and are enjoyed world-wide through CD Baby digital distribution.

Contact Bridget Wolf Krause at:

Phone: (541) 512-8862
Email: bridget@bridgetwolf.com
Website: bridgetwolf.com

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