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Duane Whitcomb

Duane Whitcomb
Note: Contact information for Duane Whitcomb located below.

Creekside Strings is a community of teachers, parents and students that grows beginning violinists into advanced, versatile musicians. Creekside Strings was founded by Duane Whitcomb in 2001. There are many choices of teachers, schedules and tuition rates to choose from, so you are assured of getting the perfect fit for your child.

Creekside Strings uses the FiddleQuest method (fiddlequest.com) where students learn a diversity of songs and skills and benefit from recordings, videos and sight-reading tools for a better practice experience.

Students are welcome to take part in gatherings like summer camps and fiddle jams where parents, kids and friends come together for food, fun and music and discover the joy of playing music in a social setting.

The Creekside Strings approach is a learning experience that parents appreciate. Simply put, kids successfully learn to play a challenging instrument. Every student is playing a song in their first lesson. As they quickly move forward, students make friends at jams and camps. They busk downtown together. Many take trips to perform or attend festivals. This community-based approach to music enables students to become skilled violinists and fiddlers that keep playing long after lessons end.

Contact Duane Whitcomb at:

Phone: (541) 324-6851
Email: duane@creeksidestrings.org
Website: creeksidestrings.org

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