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Rogue World Choristers

Rogue World Choristers
Note: Contact information for Rogue World Choristers located below.


The Rogue World Choristers offers children the chance to learn about the world’s folk music traditions while developing their musical skills in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Singing world music in a community choir is a beautiful way for children to learn about cultural diversity, unfold their creative potential, and experience the magic of collaborating with a group to create something special.

The Choristers join Rogue World Ensemble performing for friends and family at the end of each session, caroling on the Ashland Plaza, and at community events.

Contact Rogue World Choristers at:

Phone: (541) 601-5310
Email: events@rogueworldmusic.org
Website: rogueworldmusic.org

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