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Alex Buktenica

Alex Buktenica
Note: Contact information for Alex Buktenica located below.

Alex Buktenica is a young, up-and-coming string instrument maker who works at Bellwood Violin Shop in Ashland, Oregon. Alex was homeschooled and began working at Bellwood in 2004 at the age of twelve. He took violin lessons from Beth Martin and played in the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon for five years. In 2009 Alex moved to Cremona, Italy to study the art of making string instruments. He attended the Scuola di Liuteria Antonio Stradivari, where he studied under Georgio Scolari, and in 2013 received his Diploma in the making and restoration of bowed string instruments. Alex returned to Ashland and now continues to work at Bellwood Violin Shop as a repair technician and maker of violins, violas and celli. His instruments are available through the store or privately.

Contact Alex Buktenica at:

Phone: (541) 778-8795
Email: alex.buktenica@gmail.com

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